Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Using SVG to make a lightweight Firefox 4 theme

To celebrate the release of Firefox 4, I've made available a demo persona using SVG images!

As far as I know, the official GetPersonas website doesn't yet accept SVG-backed personas, but thanks to dolske's recent blog post, I learned how to host an installable SVG-backed persona on my own web space.

So if you're running Firefox 4 (you are, right?), then go ahead and give my SVG-backed persona a try! Make sure to enable the Add-on bar ('View' menu | Toolbars | Add-on Bar) to get the full effect. I don't recommend leaving this persona applied for very long, though, lest its continuous animations feast on your CPU and battery. :)

I look forward to seeing even prettier SVG-backed personas from others whose design skills are far superior to mine!

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